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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

So, how's the show going?

It occurs to me that I ought to be using this blog to provide updates on how the show is developing, as well as continually beating you about the head with my opinions on how David Cameron is the Generalissimo Maximo of Banterstan, and needs to be deposed forthwith. So...

Things are developing. I have the introduction and the first four poems of the show pretty much memorised. Memorising stuff for this show is interesting, because of the way I've structured it. I'm trying something I've seen Buddy Wakefield do in his live shows: nesting one poem inside another inside another. In the case of my show, this primarily means that 'You're fucking dead lol j/k' is used as a framing sequence to nest the other poems, so I keep moving away from and then returning to that poem at points throughout the show. Also, because this IS going to be a show, and not just a long set, I'm being very strict about how I plan the movements which accompany each poem. This means that, after each rehearsal, I have been writing down notes of moves in lists like this, written for the moves accompanying 'A Common Assault':

hook hand, darting in on 'went in'
cocky stance, laughing head move
cocky stance, open up chest
pull down hem of top
hand sweeps back hair
cocky stroll
four fingers, right hand
index finger, left hand
mime unpeeling top
muscleman pose, both arms up
right fist to left palm
fists up, boxer-style
lean forward, break boxer pose
right hand grabs left tit
cocky stance
shlub stance
left finger point
shh gesture
gun point w/left hand
sweeping gesture w/left hand
Harley Quinn pose
lean forward, brazen tit-grab, both
jiggle boobs with both hands
pelvic thrusts
beckoning gesture
hands by tits

etc etc...when not grabbing my tits I've been trying to keep up the social media side of this project. But I'm increasingly gripped by the icy terror of knowing I need to get to grips with the traditional media aspects of this as well: flyers, posters, all that. I have a pretty strong idea of what I want: an EC Comics, tales from the crypt layout vibe - strong colours, powerful imagery, something that looks visually arresting, and which hints at the lurid, overblown, gothic aspect of the show (of which more later).

I've given myself a deadline of having flyers etc sorted by May, so that all I need to worry about then is rehearsing, scratching and previewing the show. Only time will tell if that's a realistic goal or the delusion of a wild romantic. We shall see.

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