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Friday, 17 April 2015

Devil's Advocate? You can leave out the 'advocate' bit

Bantzmen of a pseudo-intellectual stripe - you know, the guys who've read a listicle of logical fallacies on BuzzFeed in between their constant refreshes of 'A Voice For Men' - like to play a game. They call it 'playing Devil's Advocate'. They claim they do it to open people's minds, maaaaan, but really they only do it because they get off on being total groins. But they will always claim they're speaking hypothetically: that however much they may question rape statistics, or argue that revising our definition of rape is a 'slippery slope', they are only engaging in a thought experiment, being a gadfly, if you will. They'd certainly never actually rape anyone. Of course not.

Here are two stories about a young man called Jeremiah True. He questioned rape statistics. He argued that revising our definition of rape was a 'slippery slope'. So much so, in fact, that his Professor banned him from the discussion portion of his humanities classes, because his going on about rape all the time was intimidating the other students.

'Remember, Keanu...NOT ALL MEN.'

Can you guess what he did next, this Devil's Advocate, this courageous hypothesizer, this fearless thinker of the unthinkable?  Yep. He just got arrested for sexual abuse and harassment.

Gee, I wonder why he was so invested in minimising rape?

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