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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Ready for Edinburgh?


Howl had its first - and indeed only - full preview a week ago today at No Sleep 'Til Scotland, a day-long extravaganza of spoken word which also featured new stuff from Henry Raby, David Lee Morgan, Agnes Torok, Hannah Chutzpah, Matt McDonald, and Sophia Walker but mainly, for our purposes, gave me a chance to find out that this show does not suck. Those of you familiar with my creative process will be aware that I am never entirely convinced that anything I do doesn't suck until I actually do it, so you will know this is A Good Thing. Indeed, this is an excellent thing, as one of the first things I said at the first Scratch Club I went to way back when was that I wanted to develop an hour-long show with a strong through-line and tonal variety and this, people, is that show. I did it. I got there. Allow me, introverted self-deprecator that I habitually am, a little time and space to gloat.

You can find the show's listing on Broadway Baby, on the PBH Free Fringe website, and on The List's Edinburgh festival listings, where it appears next to an advert for The Ladyboys of Bangkok in an ironic juxtaposition of two very different modes of trans performance. It also appears in the PBH Free Fringe Big Blue Book. Oh yeah.

Shit just got real, baby.

And yes, I am straddling a chair like a dominatrix in an Eric Stanton cartoon in the above picture and yes, it is part of the show. Which bit? How? Why? Well, you're just going to have to come and see it to find out, aren't you...

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