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Monday, 15 June 2015

Show Update

Anyone reading the Clarkson poem I posted last week will be aware that I have, until recently, had some concerns about how the show hangs together. I say 'until recently' because, after a mammoth, coffee-fuelled efiting session on Saturday morning, those problems have been licked. Links have been rewritten, in some cases new links were added (particularly to handle the tricky transition between the Clarkson poem and the anti-EDL number '25/5/13', which now forms part of an attack on UKIP), and one poem has been swapped out completely in favour of another. It's a stronger-sounding show: it all seems to hang together quite well now.

Perhaps as a result of this, I've also overcame a psychological block which has been affecting my work on the show. Increasingly disenchanted by the idea of performing a show in which I portray a strident, shouting feminist revenant, and interested more in the idea of portraying vulnerability rather than strength, I had retreated into writing a sequence of poems about masochism, and tinkering with the idea of creating a show based on them. This will probably be next year's show: there certainly isn't time to get it ready for this year.  But spending so much time and effort on a totally different show when I should have been getting Howl ready was a distraction. Fortunately, now this year's show actually does seem stronger, I find myself more excited about pulling on my Shouty Poetry Amazon outfit and getting in Banter Culture's face.

All of which has happened not a moment too soon, as well, as poet, illustrator and editor of the new online poetry mag The Fat Damsel, Jane Burn, recently completed designing the awesome, EC Comics-style flyer for the show. Ace, isn't it?

Now, come on...with a flyer that good, I kind of have to do the show now, don't I?

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