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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Banterwatch: Bantz, Bantz - that's the sound of the police

PC Andrew Ott. Picture from Central News, via the Daily Mail website (sorry).

Meet PC Andrew Ott, a member of the Metropolitan Police Force on trial over allegations of -  and I know this is going to shock you - assaulting protestors at a tuition fees demo.

It's alleged that PC Ott struck student William Horner with his riot shield at the demonstration in 2010, then said 'he's going to have to have done something, coz I've put his tooth out.' 

PC Ott seems to have been quite loquacious at the protest - his own voice recorder  reportedly captured him saying 'I wanna kill this little lot', 'I'll gouge their eyes out' and 'I've clouted a few, just to get a bit of justice back' (one wonders if that is anything like Justin Timberlake bringing sexy back - is PC Ott saying those other coppers don't know how to act?).

That's all quite serious, but as you know by now, it takes
more than just beating up protestors to get an entry on this blog. PC OTT here is our subject today because he claimed, in court, that his comments were down to 'bravado', 'frustration' and - yes - 'banter'. 

The British bobby, eh? Best in the world...

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